Past CANCAM Proceedings

For a number of years, CANCAM proceedings were only offered in printed only versions that are still available for consultation at a number of academic and non-academic libraries worldwide. Then, during the first decade of the third millenium, CANCAM Proceedings have started to be released in both printed and electronic versions, followed by a number of years in which electronic only versions were released. 

However, since various libraries around the world continue to archive printed only versions, starting with the 25th edition of the Congress (held in 2015 at Western University), CANCAM Proceedings will be released again both in electronic and printed versions.

The printed version of the CANCAM Proceedings will be be released in volumes belonging to the "Progress in Canadian Mechanics" series. Each volume of this series will be directly associated with a specific edition of the Congress (e.g., Volume 1 corresponds to the 25th CANCAM, Volume 2 corresponds to the 26th CANCAM, etc.). Evidently, the printed version of the CANCAM Proceedings will be available for purchase through various book vendors, but other than providing the content, the local CANCAM Organizing Committee does have any other connection/affilliation with the publisher and/or the vendor of the printed proceedings belonging to the aforementioned series.

While only minor content and formatting differences will exist between e-proceedings and volumes in the "Progress in Canadian Mechanics" series, it is probably worth to emphasize that the pagination is different, such that all paper citations will need to follow the page numbers of the source being used (i.e., e-proceedings or printed proceedings). Please also note that the release of the printed version in "Progress in Canadian Mechanics" series will likely be delayed compared to e-proceedings since a publisher interested in the publication of the current volume has to identify itself to the local CANCAM Organizing Committee. 

While all efforts will be made to enrich the online collection of this website with more and more proceedings from past congresses, we would like to ask our readers/website visitors to treat this as a work in progress. This being said, any past CANCAM proceedings (regardless if electronic or printed) that will be sent to us will be gratefully acknowledged and then added to the online collection in a sense that we plan to scan the older printed proceedings that do not have a corresponding electronic version.