Past Recipients of the CANCAM Medal

26th CANCAM (2017): Stavros TavoularisUniversity of Ottawa

25th CANCAM (2015): Jorje Angeles, McGill University

24th CANCAM (2013): David S. Weaver, McMaster University

23rd CANCAM (2011): 

22nd CANCAN (2009): Marcelo Epstein, University of Calgary

21st CANCAM (2007): A.P.S. Selvadurai, McGill University

20th CANCAM (2005): Patrick Oosthuizen, Queen's University

19th CANCAM (2003): J.B. Haddow, University of Victoria

18th CANCAM (2001): 

17th CANCAM (1999): Behrouz Tabarrok, University of Victoria

16th CANCAM (1997): 

15th CANCAM (1995): Michael P. Paidoussis, McGill University

14th CANCAM (1993): Peter G. Glockner, University of Calgary

13th CANCAM (1991): Graham M.L. Gladwell, University of Waterloo

12th CANCAM (1989): F.P.J. Rimrott, University of Toronto

11th CANCAM (1987): J. Odgers, Universite Laval

10th CANCAM (1985): Vinod J. Modi, University of British Columbia

9th CANCAM (1983): Alan G. Davenport, The University of Western Ontario

8th CANCAM (1981): Niels C. Lind, University of Waterloo

7th CANCAM (1979): D.R. Axelrad, McGill University

6th CANCAM (1977): Frank C. Hooper, University of Toronto

5th CANCAM (1975): Horst H.E. Leipholz, University of Waterloo

4th CANCAM (1973): 

3rd CANCAM (1971): 

2nd CANCAM (1969): 

1st CANCAM (1967):